Part 4 of 4 –  Challenge. This is the last step to my 4-part series on Powerful Conversations. (Read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)  

Time to Make Waves – Challenge and Stretch

“You can’t say that!”   Why not? Because we sophisticated, socially evolved human beings are too fearful of upsetting others or unwilling to risk or experience the discomfort of stretching and challenging the thinking of others, even when avoidance will lead to longer term pain.   I believe it’s because we simply aren’t that skilled at it, and we don’t do the work as teams and organisations that we need to that supports good quality business dialogue and deliberate and useful debate.   But we need to start stretching and challenge our own thinking and the thinking of others. Einstein is famously quoted as saying…  
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
  Powerful conversations take us beyond our current patterns and preferences of thinking and usually require the intervention of diverse and curious questioning, and a preparedness to call out the potential issues and flaws in the thinking of others.   BUT, we need to do it masterfully, and if you follow the three prior steps in this four step process – validation, permission and curiosity, you will be in a much better position to respectfully challenge thinking in a way that minimises a threat (pushback and denial) response and maximises diverse and creative thinking.   Here are some ways you can start your challenges…  
  • May I challenge some of your thinking around that?
  • I can see some potential flaws in that thinking which you may not be aware of. May I share another perspective?
  • We have different experience and perspectives here. Would it be useful to take some time sharing those?
  • Unfortunately, due to policy constraints, that approach is unlikely to work. But would you be up for a discussion on how we can achieve the same outcome a different way?
  So there it is – Michelle’s Four Steps to Powerful Conversations – I’d be keen to hear how you go using them all together and seriously invite you to post on my Rewired Conversations Facebook group.     Have a powerful conversation day!   Michelle  

Rewired Conversations: Brain-Based Coaching & Conversation Skills Intensive

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