Time saver!

Tom White - Property Data SolutionsUsing attention techniques, uncovered through working with Michelle, allows our teams to have more meaningful and action oriented meetings and discussions.  While better meeting outcomes are great, what really impresses me is the amount of time we are saving in all our people interactions.  Adding it all up we are literally saving our teams at least one day a week that used to be lost to discussions that might have been interesting, but wouldn’t add to the outcomes we were chasing.

  Tom White, General Manager, Property Data Solutions Pty Ltd    
BETTER Conversations… WOW!

WOW… This was without a doubt the most beneficial ‘training’ course I have been on for years. If we can impart this knowledge onto our teams we will be able to build one very powerful organisation… A legacy I want to be a part of!



Leadership Retreat…transformed us!

Michelle, I was just completing the survey… The more I think about the last two days, the more I see that not only have you had such a positive impact each of us individually, but you are an extraordinary coach and facilitator. To understand and wrap up the results and the vision and transform us all into an energised focused team in the scheduled time frame, the way you nailed it yesterday, is simply amazing.


Janette Moore, Executive

Leadership Program…led to higher business performance!

Michelle, just a short note to thank you for the delivery of your Leadership program to my Area Management team last August and formally acknowledge the benefit it has provided the team. The leadership program was noted by my team as the most beneficial in terms of the outcomes they could readily adopt in their coaching approach and has enabled their teams to feel more supported and engaged. This has led once again to higher business performance which I have to say is outstanding in this tough environment. As we progress to the next stage of team development I recognise the sheer importance of the coaching and leadership training and its relevance to continued competitive advantage.


Thanks Michelle for the time in developing and tailoring this program for the team I look forward to working with you again in the near future.


Pam Pugsley, General Manager Retail, Supercheap Auto

'Next Year Now' Workshop… Empowering!

I have recently attended an empowering seminar called ‘Next Year Now’ held by Michelle Loch.


The amount of insight that Michelle was able to provoke from me during the time spent was outstanding and I believe will truly set me up for the next 12 months in my business.


Michelle has an inane ability to draw peoples imagination and help them to explore, visualize and dismantle their thought patterns and behaviors and to put them back together in a way that is exciting and creative and much easier to process and which ends up resulting in positive action.


Her speaking ability and engagement with her audience is outstanding and the content and delivery is interesting and relevant. This woman lights up the room with her effervescent personality, tenacity of spirit and genuine passion for what she is doing. I am looking forward immensely to her next event!


Kris Jenkins, Sales Manager, PriceFinder

Leadership Retreat… Inspiring!

Thanks Michelle, your training made me look deep into my past, present, and future. It was very challenging for me but definitely this programme helped me focus on myself and of course the A team. It also helped me to realize my values and to begin establishing a way to create my own leadership style based on my passions, and communicate them to those I am surrounded by. Thanks once again… You are an inspiration.



Leadership Coaching… I've realised I am resilient!

I finished up my time with Michelle Loch last week. Thanks for your advice on seeking out a coach (and Michelle in particular). Michelle is great! The time seems to have flown since our first session and I have got so much out of it. There has been a huge amount I have learnt about myself and my approaches to various aspects of my life, either at work or home. Last year has been very difficult for me, but working with Michelle has helped me realise that I am resilient. I have also learnt a lot about my focus and the strength that I have inside me. Michelle has helped me find my way down the road towards my purpose in life.


Vicki, Emergency Management Leader

BETTER Conversations... A program that inspires!

A program that inspires! True to its title BETTER conversations – based on the model of the same name – is a challenging program that provides the necessary underpinning knowledge and a practical framework that can be applied to improve the impact (usefulness) of any conversation.


Lindy Taylor, Learning and Development Advisor, Local Council

Powerful Conversations... Can’t get enough of this and can we have Michelle back for a ½ day!

Julie Street - Life Path Career CoachingMichelle was our invited guest speaker for 2016 Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) Queensland Division Good Theory Good Practice event. Michelle presented valuable information, insights, tools and practical content to over 20 career practitioners. A lot of my coaching colleagues were suitably impressed with the “Powerful Conversations” topic and we are keen to secure Michelle again for 2017. Many attendees learnt a great deal from her succinct and engaging presentation and our formal feedback indicated that 80% of participants rated Michelle as “Very Good” and 15% as “Good”, when asked about the quality of content and delivery. A further 90% agreed that the topic discussed was relevant to their current work or coaching practice. Michelle is a fun and brilliant presenter and we all wanted to have a longer session! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and we look forward to another fantastic presentation in the future.


Julie Street, Life & Career Coach and Queensland Divisional Vice-President for CDAA

REWIRED Conversations... Michelle is amazing!

Such a fantastic day! Michelle is amazing. And I’m so thankful for the opportunity to attend the Rewired Conversations program.


Alex Wills, Program Manager, QELi (Queensland Education Leadership Institute)

REWIRED Conversations... Loved it!

I just wanted to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed [the REWIRED Conversations program]. Even more important to note is that I am carrying my PRISM Personal Report and your booklet around like bibles!

  I am really looking forward to putting this new learning / new way of thinking into both my work here and as a school principal.  

Susan Cowley, Principal Consultant, QELi (Queensland Education Leadership Institute)

Leadership Program... An eye opening experience!

Thank you to Michelle for such an eye opening experience. I certainly learnt a lot, not just about myself but about how our brain works.


Taia Robertson, Physical Education Teacher, Bardon State School