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Disengaged employees globally


Earnings per share advantage

Mastery is key to employee engagement, which is key to organisational performance

  According to Gallup research, 87% of employees are not engaged.  We also know that engagement is critical to organisational success. Organisations with highly engaged employees reap a whopping 147% advantage in earnings per share (Gallup). It’s your leaders and managers who work with your people who can have the most influence on employee engagement, particularly your middle to senior level a they have the connection to the most number of people.   But what really is engagement? Engagement is not something that can be ‘created’ – it is a commitment that individuals choose to offer to an individual or an organisation. Employees are engaged when they feel that they matter, and what they do matters.   The REWIRED LEADERS suite of programs focuses on providing your leaders with the tools they need to firstly engage your people with a view to leveraging that engagement for an increase in performance through productivity, focus, collaboration and agility.


RAPID ROI: The First 90 Days

The first 90 days for an incoming leader or manager are critical. The actions taken and the quality of the relationships built in that time will largely determine long-term failure or success.  Read more…

Presentations that Pop

Leaders must be capable of delivering confident presentations that work WITH the human brain, not against it! Your presentation can make or break your message.  Read more…

Master Leaders

To survive in today’s challenging world, leaders need to new levels of leadership mastery in terms of self-leadership, and leadership of others. Read more…

Leaders lead humans…

so understanding how humans are wired

is the new leadership mastery!



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