Rewired Conversations

About the program

Recent discoveries, particularly in the area of social cognitive neuroscience, provide us with a fact-based, deeper understanding of how relationships are built and broken; how emotions impact us and how to better communicate with each other.  We can use this new knowledge to our benefit.   Powerful conversation occurs when you combine what we know about the human brain with the skills of coaching., We define a BETTER Conversation as one where both parties leave the conversation with different thinking than they came – a conversation that has been insightful and useful, and that influences a change in thinking or behaviour – and that takes skill.   BETTER Conversations are needed when interacting with your clients; discussing performance; providing feedback; for useful meetings and when working on projects and problem-solving.   This program is designed to give you mastery in that skill.  You can download a brochure at this link DOWNLOAD BROCHURE and a Whitepaper at this link DOWNLOAD WHITEPAPER.   You will be interested in this program if….  
  • You want to get stuff done (increase performance, engagement or productivity) in your team or organisation
  • You are having the same conversations over and over again
  • You want to feel more in control in your conversations and meetings
  • You want to stop wasting time and energy and get into ‘useful’
  • You want to be more influential in impacting and developing your direct reports
  • You want to have conversations that work!

Who is it for?

  This program is for…   This program is designed for leaders or consultants who are looking for a higher level of coaching skill and/or conversation mastery.  By the end of this program you will have ‘rewired’ the way you think about communication and the way you engage in conversations with others!  

What makes it a really great program?

  • It’s a 3 day intensive, not just a one-day information session.  The break in between days 1 and 2 make sure that you don’t exit the program with a brain that is too full
  • It’s run by a highly experienced and qualified Professional Certified Coach (Accredited under the International Coach Federation – ICF)
  • It’s based on the latest in neuroscience – and neuroscience is the new black – so you’d better be wearing it!
  • It’s about working with people’s brains, not against them – which is what our more traditional communication approaches appear to do
  • You will not only have the skill, but also the confidence and courage to really change the way you communicate and your impact!

Suggested Program Outline (can be tailored)

Day 1 – Why people do what they do
  Day 1 will be a day of self-awareness and a fascinating foundational understanding of why people do what they do (including yourself).  You will learn the foundational neuroscience to build on and reference in the subsequent 2 days of skill building.  Pre-work for this day will include getting your brain mapped (a 45 minute online assessment which we will debrief in detail in the workshop) as well as a few 5 to 10 minute online assessments to complete and bring along.  
Day 2 – mindSET and mindSHIFTS
You will start to building your coaching and conversation skills on Day 2.  You will …
  • Learn to create the right mindSET to facilitate insightful conversations. This mindSET is based on Michelle’s CORE Conversations methodology…conversations need to beNAKED:  based on truth, reality, and simplicity NURTURED:  based on safety, well-managed emotion, and self-directed neuroplasticity, and NUDGED:  with an outcome of stretched and challenged thinking, insight, and accountability.
  • Clarify what coaching is and is not by exploring different types of conversations – and what a BETTER Conversation looks like
  • Introduce and unpack the BETTER Conversations model where you will learn the 7 mindSHIFTs that both you and the others involved in your conversations need to make
  • Engage in safe and easy activities and practice sessions to embed your new mindSET and mindSHIFTs in your brain
By the end of Day 2, your conversations will already be changing significantly!  
Day 3 – coreSKILLS and coreSTRUCTURE
  The final day begins with a review of learning so far, and a focus on the coreSKILLS you will need to have powerful conversations in both your work and personal life.  Skills such as…
  • coreSPEAKING
  • coreSILENCE
  • along with bottom-lining, building rapport, managing emotion, seeking permission, clarifying and connecting…and more.
  In the afternoon we then pull together all your learning and provide you with the ultimate cheat sheet with the introduction of two powerful coreSTRUCTUREs that you can use to
  • make sure your conversations are complete and structured and useful
  • guide you back on track when conversations get off track
  • give you the confidence to take the lead in conversations.
  We will explore the science behind Insight – the goal of any powerful conversation, leading to an exploration of how to ask powerful questions.  There is plenty of practice and experimentation at this stage so that you leave the day with the confidence to start using your new skills.   For those interested in consolidating their new skills, we will co-ordinate a follow-up practice session for you with a buddy from the group with instructions for a coaching session and debrief.  
Day 4 – coreSTRATEGIES for mastery and confidence!
  • Learning review and troubleshooting
  • The 10 most useful coreSTRATEGIES for handling difficult situations
  • Coaching accreditation FAQ’s
  • The ethics of coaching and having powerful conversations
  • Mindful coaching – how to be really present during conversations
  • What to do when the conversation goes ‘wrong’ – ‘Get out of jail free’ questions that will get you back on track
  • How to have that courageous conversation – over coming the fear of challenging conversations
  • Application of your new skills to your real world circumstances
  • Other topics of interest to the group
  • What’s next in your development – influence and powerful conversation require life-long learning….what’s next for you?
The Rewired Conversations program is founded on the ICF’s 11 Core Competencies (International Coach Federation).  You can learn more about the competencies at this link
ICF Accreditation approval pending (updated April 2016)



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