Rewire Your Brain


Your brain comprised of water


The energy your logical brain uses

Understanding how humans are wired gives you an unfair advantage in people management

    We have learned more about the human brain in the last 25 years than in all of history before, and this new knowledge is challenging the way we think about collaboration and communication – in fact, we’ve discovered we’ve been getting it quite wrong!  

“Teaching people about their brain has a profound effect on their ability to understand themselves and understand others, making them far more effective at whatever they want to achieve.”


Dr David Rock – Co-founder of the NeuroLeadership

Our twenty-first-century ‘busyness’ has led to a 45% increase.  The WHO (World Health Organisation) suggests that stress is going to be the number 1 challenge of our time.  Fortune 500 companies say their greatest challenge will be our stress levels in the last thirty years!!
  • We are busier than ever before,
  • We are under constant pressure to perform,
  • We feel overwhelmed,
  • Our world is full of distractions,
  • We seem to be becoming more emotional,
  • Both personal and professional issues have become increasingly complex.
  • We fear Dementia – the single greatest cause of disability in older people
  It is critical that we engage with this new knowledge and get to know how to control and manage our brain to our advantage.


Rewire Your Brain:  Understanding why people do what they do!

A one day workshop where you will learn 1.  How humans are wired… 2. How YOU are wired… 3. How to REWIRE!  Read more…

My Brain Academy

A 10 module, online program that takes you on a journey of practical brain biology.  You will learn 1. How to create a brain-enhancing environment… 2. How to nourish your brain… 3. How to build CAPACITY in your brain… 4. How to CONTROL your brain… and 5. How to get PEAC Performance from your brain (Performance, Engagement, Adaptability and Creativity)   Read more…

Map Your Brain

PRISM Brain Mapping is a neuroscience-based assessment tool that will ‘map your brain’.  It will give you deep insight into why you behave as you do, what energises and de-energise you, and provides an easy to understand framework for interpreting the behaviour, and working with the energy of others.  Read more…

Humans are all wired so very differently…

yet we live and communicate

as though we are all the same – and it’s not working!



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