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Date(s) - Thursday, 13 September, 2018
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Queensland Education Leadership Institute




1 day workshop:  13 September 2018

About This Program

Human behaviour and motivation is complex, and hidden. A bit like the proverbial iceberg – the reality is not what we see above the water, but what is going on underneath, and the underneath is difficult to get to.

A leader’s ability to manage their own thinking and behaviour, and to objectively diagnose what is going on beneath the waterline is critical to mitigating and managing our natural human tendency for overreaction, assumptions and emotional distraction. It’s all about understanding Human Motivation, that is how humans are ‘wired’ and is an essential strategy for surviving and thriving in the modern world of work.

We have learned more about the human brain in the last 25 years than in all of history and this new science explains, and and also challenges the effectiveness of how we interact and communication. In other words, we often get it wrong!

Your brain can be it’s own worst enemy. Learning how your brain really works, and making different choices about where you place attention will set you up to get much more from your brain and the from those you lead.

What’s included in this program

  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Laminated reference cards: set of laminated reference cards – one set per participant
  • Five weekly ‘tips and reminders’ emails sent to participants following completion of the program to embed the key concepts.


  • Use a brain-based (evidence-based) approach to understanding yourself and your people, so that you can be a better leader
  • Appreciate the real challenges we all face as humans in leading and thriving in today’s world
  • Develop a deeper level of self-awareness and learn strategies to increase your ability for self-leadership and self-regulation to enable you to bring your best self to your work and your life.


  • Module 1: Understanding change…an exploration of the implications of living in a VUCA world, why change is so hard and your role and responsibility in leading through times of change
  • Module 2: Understanding humans…we live in a socially sophisticated world with a primitive brain. Humans are wired to survive, to adapt and to be social and this has significant implications for how we lead and need to lead into the future
  • Module 3: Understanding and managing self…to future-proof your leadership (and yourself).
    • The learning brain – the importance of working from a growth mindset
    • The productive brain – how to get the best from your brain
    • The emotional brain – how to leverage and manage emotion
    • The resilient brain – how to identify and manage stress and pressure
    • The focused brain – how to drive success through deliberate focus

Investment: $895 plus GST



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