Your Brain is YOUR Business

It’s simple really: if you understand how something works, you can do more with it, you can exercise control and direction over it, you can create more with it and you can use it to it’s optimum intended capacity. More has been learned about the human brain in the last 25 years than in all the years before, and this new science is incredibly useful in helping you to exercise more control over your brain – increasing your productivity, improving your brain health, and developing your capacity for self-control and emotional regulation.
Neuroleadership expert, Michelle Loch, presents you with useful information and practical tips to help you to achieve optimal brain performance using her PEAC Brain Performance Model.
PEAC stands for Performance – Engagement – Adaptability – Creativity
  • If you are a busy executive, parent or solo-preneur navigating the many demands on your life… or
  • if you are a busy student navigating the ebb and flow of study, revision and testing… or
  • if you are maturing and are conscious of the need and desire to maintain your mental health for as long as you can…
then this book is a valuable resource for you and you will benefit from the simple explanations about how your brain really works.

Facilitating Awesome

Michelle Loch is passionate about ‘facilitating awesome’ – helping leaders to pause, find and facilitate the ‘awesome’ in themselves and others. This book is a collection of 52 of Michelle’s ideas that are designed to do just that. What you have here is a year’s worth of opportunity to simply pause once a week and spend a few minutes reflecting on the quality of your leadership. There are 10 080 minutes in a week. If you sleep 8 hours a night, then you have 6 720 available to you. If you engage with the idea of this book, then you will be willing to spend around 15-30 of those minutes a week investing in your thought leadership and self-development on the road to becoming a more effective, more mindful and more awesome leader. Whether you lead a large organisation, or a small team, or a community group, or a family… this book will:
  • provide you with useful leadership ideas
  • challenge your thinking
  • help you to develop awareness around your leadership style
  • entertain you
  • keep you focused on your leadership growth and development

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Naked, Nurtured, Nudged

“The only thing you need to fix is the way your people talk to each other. Fix the conversations and you have the tools to fix the people challenges!”

It’s time to bring back the art and power of conversation in the workplace. It’s time to empower our leaders to direct and create the change required for business success.   Leaders spend 80% of their time in conversations, and employees on average spend 37% of their time in meetings. That’s a lot of time for potential non-useful interaction.   95% of business dialogue is telling and instruction – and humans don’t like being told what to do. Our primal limbic brain sees being ‘told’ as a threat and this is an unconscious internal reaction that impedes clarity of thought, confidence and creativity.   We are obsessed with digital technology, yet conversation is the most sophisticated technology we have for getting things done. Forget email, message, and integrated digital systems. They are all wonderful support technologies, but they need quality dialogue to leverage their potential.   NAKED, NURTURED and NUDGED is a must-read text that combines the neuroscience of communication with quality coaching techniques to supercharge your conversations. Michelle Loch’s REWIRED Conversations methodology shows you how to get the best from your people by facilitating NAKED conversations that get to the ‘truth’; NURTURE conversations that ensure ‘safety’; and NUDGED conversations that enable the ‘stretch’ and challenge in thinking that we need to take our performance to the next level.



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