Workshops and Masterclasses

Michelle and the Leading Humans team offer a wide range of off-the-shelf workshops and masterclasses. Tailoring workshops to your needs is not a problem at all, and in fact we specialize in customising the content to produce the outcomes you’re looking for.

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Give your leaders and unfair advantage in people management!


Workshops and Masterclasses

Neuro Leaders

Understanding the humans in the leadership equation

Understanding the science of humans gives your people an unfair advantage in managing themselves and others. Rather than reacting to the behaviour of those around them, imagine if they could DIAGNOSE IT…and then be able to PRESCRIBE more useful, more powerful and more influential responses and resolutions to everyday, time-consuming people challenges.


Neuro Change

Leading Through Times of Change

Thriving and leading through times of change requires a shift in mindset, the development of self-accountability, and the ability to see pressure as a motivator rather than an inhibitor to great performance. Understanding the science of brain-productivity, and the strategies that can be employed to take advantage of the brains way of working, sets your team up for better focus and performance.


Neuro Conversations

Using powerful conversation skills to inspire and influence

Your people spend 80% of their workplace time in conversation, and on average, 37% of their time in meetings. This presents you with a huge opportunity for focused, quality thinking and to target and influence behavioural change. Investing in this skill will reduce time wasted on non-useful conversations, meetings and interactions and get your team focused and functional – and most importantly, improve the quality of thinking. Quality conversations lead to quality thinking and decision-making which lead to quality outcomes.



Neuro Teams

Using powerful conversation skills to inspire and influence

Having a highly collaborative and functioning team gives you an advantage in meeting organisational and educational needs, gaining clarity around role expectations and accountability, and enabling quick wins. This workshop focuses on the five key requirements for a team to be highly functional (the T.R.E.A.T Model) along with an understanding of the latest science and thinking around ‘teaming’ and collaboration.


*Foundational Module – How Humans are Wired

As you begin working with us, we recommend that your first workshop begins with the foundational neuroscience on which all subsequent learning is based. All ongoing learning links back to this foundational module.

If you are putting together a program that combines a number of workshops, in place of the foundational module in each program we will insert a refresh and refocus on the science content, and add in additional experiences and activities to more deeply embed the workshop content.


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