Rapid ROI:  The First 90 Days

About the program

The first 90 days for an incoming leader or manager are critical. The actions taken and the quality of the relationships built in that time will largely determine long-term failure or success.


This time is a once-off opportunity to build the relationships and processes that will lead to success; to communicate and establish values, ground rules and ways of working, and to learn how to get the most from your new team – it is at this time they will be most open to ‘newness’ and ‘change’. Your professional ‘brand’ will established in the first 90 days as first opinions embed themselves – with or without your deliberate attention.  It’s a bit like when you glue two surfaces together, the glue holds much better and much longer if you can apply focused pressure at the beginning!


It is essential, then, to invest in developing the depth of connection and appreciation for the leadership and collaboration that will be required to create a highly functional team capable of making great decisions that have great outcomes.

Who is it for?


This program is for…

  • newly appointed leaders or recruited leaders and their teams
  • organisations who understand the critical nature of the first 90 days for long term sustainable success


What is included?


You will get…


  • 90 days of coaching/mentoring
  • 6 x one-on-one touch points
  • PRISM Brain Map and debrief
  • Diagnostics, content and checklists
  • Online learning modules
  • Workbook to keep and refer back to



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