Master Leaders

About the program

A journey in leadership mastery!


To achieve mastery, leaders need to develop deep expertise in five key areas:


  • Mastery in PRODUCTIVITY (getting things done)


  • Mastery in ENGAGEMENT (understanding and working effectively with humans)


  • Mastery of SELF (self-regulation that allows for objective decision-making)


  • Mastery in INFLUENCE (powerful conversation skills)


  • Master in LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY (articulation of leaders personal brand, strategic thinking and leadership values)

Who is it for?


This program is for…

  • Leaders and managers who wish to achieve mastery in leadership
  • Organisations who value investment in leadership capability
  • Anyone else interested in increasing performance


What is included?


Master leaders is a tailored journey from ranging from 1 day workshops to 12 month journeys depending on the level of mastery you desire.


You will develop…


  • A deep understanding of how you, and your team is wired
  • Mastery in the neuroscience of leadership
  • Mastery in execution, engagement, self-leadership, influence and strategic thinking.



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