Presentations that Pop

About the program

Leaders must be capable of delivering confident presentations that work WITH the human brain, not against it! Your presentation can make or break your message.


Pages of powerpoint dot points don’t work!  Reading your presentation from the slides…even worse!  You need your audience to connect with you and your content and to walk away with your key influential messages clearly embedded in their brain.  We can help you to do that!

Who is it for?


This program is for…

  • New and emerging leaders who want their presentations to be professional and stand out from the crowd
  • Leaders wanting to influence through presentations
  • Leaders and managers looking for more confidence in presenting


What is included?


You will learn…


  • The neuroscience of learning
  • The neuroscience of connection
  • Practical and powerful presentation skills
  • Presentation structure and planning
  • Delivery techniques
  • What works, and what doesn’t!



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