B.E.T.T.E.R Conversations

About the program


In this life-changing program, you will use the BETTER Conversations model to literally reinvent the way you think about communication. Your conversations will create powerful insights in others, you will stop doing all the thinking, you will have the tools to become a magician-like influence in your team and your conversations and meetings will look and feel very different – and be much easier!


Effective leaders need to have shorter and more impactful conversations that create engagement and ownership – not more work and angst. You will be amazed at what a difference taking a brain-based approach to your discussions will make on the outcomes you get!


Voila!  Let’s create some magic!


What is a BETTER Conversation?


A better conversation is one where the people involved in the conversation leave the conversation with DIFFERENT thinking than when they came!


BETTER Conversations are:


B:  Brain-friendly

E:  Emotionally balanced

T:  Toward focused

T:  Tested assumptions

E:  Encouraging

R:  clear Responsibilty



Program outcomes


The BETTER Conversations program is a one or two-day workshop that explores:


  • neuroleadership theory
  • emotional intelligence
  • the science of insight and creativity
  • questioning techniques
  • coaching techniques
  • conversation frameworks and models



As a participant in the program you will learn to:


  • use a brain-based approach to have powerful conversations
  • apply coaching techniques to improve the impact of EVERY conversation
  • improve then quality of your thinking and the thinking of those around you
  • engage and motivate others by using their thinking not yours
  • create calm, focus and motivation through the power of your conversation
  • AND…have useful conversations every time!

Using attention techniques, uncovered through working with Michelle, allows our teams to have more meaningful and action oriented meetings and discussions. While better meeting outcomes are great, what really impresses me is the amount of time we are saving in all our people interactions. Adding it all up we are literally saving our teams at least one day a week that use to be lost to discussions that might have been interesting, but wouldn’t add to the outcomes we were chasing.

Tom White

CEO, APM-Pricefinder

WOW…This was without a doubt the most beneficial ‘training’ course I have been on for years.  If we can impart this knowledge onto our teams we will be able to build one very powerful organisation…a legacy I want to be a part of!

HR Manager

Super Retail Group



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