Rewire Your Brain

About the program

ICF Accredited Program


in self-leadership…and in leading others


The ability to engage and influence is now one of the most important skills someone in a position of leadership must possess!  And that’s easier said than done.


Much of our leadership training has focused on ‘what’ to do to engage and influence.  It’s time to delve into ‘why’ it’s not working.  We need something new, and recent developments in neuroscience are providing a big part of the answer.


In this one-day workshop…


You will delve into the neuroscience of human motivation in a really practical way – you will learn why people (including you) do what they do; how the human brain drives behaviour; AND how you can change or REWIRE your brain to achieve the success and outcomes you want.


Prior to the day you will complete an online PRISM Brain Map which you will explore in detail at the workshop, helping you to understand how you are uniquely wired. Of course, the ‘gold’ is in understanding the implications of this new knowledge and awareness on your personal and professional leadership style – how you impact others and how you can proactively influence and engage others.


Michelle will share with you her ‘Four Steps to Rewiring your Brain’ and you will develop a plan to begin changing the way you think and respond to your leadership and people management challenges.


The application of this knowledge is invaluable leadership development in terms of developing better ways to ENGAGE, MOTIVATE, and COLLABRATE with others.


If you are really serious, then consider the full REWIRE YOUR BRAIN Program which also includes a 10 week online video-based learning program and a 90 minute coaching session with Michelle who is a PCC qualified coach with the International Coaching Federation.


This day is also Day 1 of Michelle’s three day Rewired Conversations – Brain Based Coaching Skills Intensive.


You can download a brochure at this link  DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

Who is it for?


This program is for you if you …

  • value self-development and awareness
  • are interested in learning about your brain
  • would like to be more controlled in your reactions
  • you need to change some thinking and behavioural habits
  • see value in understanding from a more scientific perspective ‘why people do what they do’!


What is included?


The one-day workshop ($795 plus GST) includes:


  • A one-day fun and interactive workshop
  • Access to one of Australia’s leading experts in the neuroscience of leadership, human motivation, self-leadership and powerful conversation
  • Application of this new science and thinking to your unique circumstances and challenges
  • Participant workbook to take away with you
  • PRISM brain map (valued at $550)
  • 30 minute strategy session with Michelle (valued at $250)



The complete Rewire Your Brain Program ($1,295 plus GST – a saving of $749) ALSO includes:


  • 90 minute one-on-one coaching or stragegy session with Michelle (valued at $750)
  • The My Brain Academy online program (valued at $499 – check it out at


Rewire Your Brain will give you the knowledge and awareness you need to ‘diagnose’ human behaviour so you can ‘prescribe’ more influential and engaging leadership strategies!



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