‘We are heading into a two-year change transformation phase’


I hear this all the time from clients. What do they really mean? They mean that things are not quite working the way they want or need, and they need to change how things are done – they need to change the culture.


On the surface, culture is what people do and how things get done. It is visible in processes, meetings, client interactions and relationships. It is visible in the web of networking across the organisation (or lack thereof). And it is most evident in the conversations that take place.


Beneath the surface, the DNA of culture is in the neural patterns of the collective ‘brain’ of the organisation. The thinking and behavioural patterns of every employee form a ‘collective brain’ and are influenced by how behaviour and thinking is focused around them. Those patterns can be changed through the consistent and effective redirection of attention – through the conversations that take place, particularly the conversations that involve leaders.


Change is all about conversations. And most importantly, change happens one conversation at a time – NOT IN ONE CONVERSATION!


Not at one strategy retreat…

Not in one launch or email communication…

Not in one blanket project plan or strategy guide…

But one powerful, effective and useful conversation at a time.


Investing in developing the skill of powerful, effective and useful conversation, then, is a worthwhile investment.


It’s time to bring back the art and power of conversation in the workplace.


Have a great day!